Woman to Woman, Leader to Leader

-, 2024 Committee Chair

Lori Stinson, Program Vice President
Vice President, Military Affairs and Professional Development, Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce

WWLL strives to connect Transitioning Women Military Leadership with key Women Industry Leaders in and around San Antonio. This committee is designed to encourage a collaborative sharing of culture and to provide those women in transition the tools and connections they will need to prepare for the civilian sector challenges. The goals include how to translate some of the skills from the military into civilian language, and how to build a strong community network that will enhance the network that is already in place from their military “family.”


  • Industry Participation: Women Leaders, CEOs, Presidents, Partners from San Antonio area successful businesses

  • Company Sizes: All

  • Industry Participation: Requires a broad scope of industry to include but not limited to; Environmental, Legal, Healthcare, Marketing, Staffing, Engineering, Logistics, IT, Financial Services, as well as, any industry linked to the Department of Defense.

  • Military Service Leaders: Both transitioning and key leaders

  • Meetings: 
    • 6 Annual Meetings
    • Time – Evening with rotating locations
    • Composition – Each month we highlight the hosting organization briefly and have brief introductions of members where they explain their interest in the group.  Many times this is the opportunity for military members who plan to separate to share their career history and job interest after retirement.

This committee encourages women military leadership to transition and stay within the San Antonio community, develop networks with women-owned businesses, grow interest in community participation, assist in the growth of new women-owned businesses, and encourage the women-owned businesses to work more collaboratively to enhance their lines of business.